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5 Reasons Agencies & Brands Should Use a Design & Video Templating Platform


When you think of design templates, you may think of Canva, which changed design to make it easy for more people to customize content. But Canva only goes so far for businesses – it lacks the guardrails that brands and agencies need to ensure design integrity when inviting more users (including non-designers) into the process. 

Where Canva falls short, Design Huddle shines – with a white-label, embeddable design and video templating platform built specifically for business use. Design Huddle simplifies content customization by enabling agencies and brands to turn their designs and videos into editable templates for a range of users.

Whether you’re an agency or an in-house design team, here are five reasons to use Design Huddle’s templating platform to provide customizable designs and videos. 

Ensure brand integrity

Maintaining brand and design consistency is a top priority for design teams. You want to empower your clients and team members to edit their videos and designs, but you also need to provide them with guardrails to ensure designs stay on brand. 

Design Huddle’s granular locking capabilities and the ability to add placeholders within the template ensure non-designers stay within the brand’s design guidelines but still have control over certain aspects of the design. For example, you can lock down branding components but offer flexibility to edit text, add hyperlinks, and swap out images.



Eliminate endless revision cycles

Anyone who’s ever worked at a design agency knows the pain of “revision hell” – be it with a client or even internally with design and marketing teams. Tweak this image. Change that color. Change out the video. Seemingly small changes turn into a big headache. 

Design Huddle’s templating platform eliminates this endless back-and-forth cycle, saving everyone time and accelerating the path to final design. By giving your client (or other team members) access to editable templates and our easy-to-use editor, you empower them to make small text, hyperlink, and image changes on their own. You can also use Design Huddle’s approval tool to streamline final approvals and guarantee the design hasn’t changed. 


Save design teams time

Design Huddle also makes life easier for in-house design teams. If you’re working on a design team within a company, you’re inundated with mundane design requests that pull you away from more creative work. 

By using Design Huddle’s templating platform, design teams can create brand assets – such as social media posts, display ads, email graphics, and sales decks – in their platform of choice, then import them into Design Huddle as templates. From there, they can allow users (in sales and marketing, for example) to manipulate text and images without breaking design rules. 


Users are empowered to make the changes they need to keep content fresh – quickly. Design teams get the time and freedom to focus on creating and innovating. And companies gain the advantage to speed forward with new assets and designs. 

Work in a single platform for digital, print, and video

In addition to using Design Huddle for digital designs and video, brands and agencies also license our print solution to simplify the web-to-print design process for any product type – whether that be brochures, banners, or company swag. Design Huddle is the only solution available that enables you to work with templates for digital, video, and print all in a single platform. 

Keep users in your ecosystem

Rather than having to send users off to another platform (like you’d have to do with Canva), Design Huddle allows you to keep your users in your brand’s or agency’s ecosystem. As a white-label solution, Design Huddle gives you control and enables you to customize the user experience for your clients and end users all within a single, design and video platform. 

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April 30, 2024