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Design Huddle Introduces Three New Generative AI Features

When it comes to putting generative AI tools to work, a common goal is efficiency. 

It’s with this goal in mind that Design Huddle is introducing three new generative AI features to speed up content creation and bring new ideas to life. Image Upscaling, Image Generation, and Image Alteration are available immediately as part of our all-in-one design and video templating platform.

Read on to learn how the new features can help you and your clients take advantage of the latest AI models so you can create and customize designs and videos more efficiently. 

Our approach to generative AI

Generative AI is moving very quickly, with new players coming into the space on a regular basis, and existing companies continuing to evolve. To help you take advantage of these innovations, our approach is to curate the best-of-breed models directly into the Design Huddle platform.

We do the heavy lifting to integrate various generative AI models on the back end. On the front end, you and your users can take advantage of this technology in the same easy-to-use interface Design Huddle is known for. 

And take note: if we integrate with a model (let’s say DALL·E 3), but you want to request a new model or have your own license for a different model, no problem – we can easily swap them in.

Image Upscaling 

For experienced designers and non-designers alike, it’s safe to say that everyone has dealt with the hassle of fixing low-res images that don’t fit the specs. Image Upscaling addresses this issue. 

Let’s say you’re a commercial printer whose client needs to print a flyer, but the resolution of the client’s uploaded images is too low. Rather than going back and forth with the client, Image Upscaling will automatically notify the client that the resolution needs to be upscaled. From there, the user can upscale the image with the click of a button directly in the Editor. Not only does this speed up the process, but it also helps you avoid printing something that the client says is poor quality and doesn’t want to pay for.


Beyond commercial printing, Image Upscaling is a valuable feature when creating designs for digital signage that have different resolution requirements for various screens. It’s an ideal use case: calling on generative AI to help you fix a minor (but important) detail that speeds up the process and saves you and your client precious time. 

Image Generation 

Generative AI has also proven its value as a collaborator in creating new images – a task that can be especially helpful when you’re trying to quickly build new designs and videos. 

Let’s say you or your users need new images to add to a design or video template. Our Image Generation feature allows you to use text-to-image prompts to create images directly in the platform.


Note that you can always manage permissions within the platform to determine which users (or groups of users) can access the feature. As a second level of review, you can also take advantage of Design Huddle’s Approval Tool to review what users create before they can download, share, post, or print the final version.

Image Alteration 

Image Alteration allows you to change and improve any uploaded image, AI-generated image, or image pulled in from a stock gallery (such as Unsplash+). You can specify what you want to add or modify via prompt.

For example, a real estate agent may want to change the background of a house photo from a cloudy sky to a blue sky. The same goes for changing the color of a person’s shirt or the car they’re driving – with a simple prompt in the Design Huddle platform, you can easily make the changes you need. 


As with Image Generation, you can manage access for this feature using Design Huddle’s permissions and Approval Tool. 

Giving you (and your clients) an edge with generative AI

One of the major advantages of our approach is that we do the legwork to track and assess the best-of-breed AI models available so that you don’t have to. Our research and testing looks at everything from feature/functionality to performance to value – all the different aspects you need to be confident in so you can fully reap the benefits of AI in this ever-changing industry. 

Our commitment to continued AI innovation

The new features announced today build on Design Huddle’s ongoing innovation with AI, including image and video background removal. As we continue to integrate best-of-breed models into the platform to further automate media creation for you and your users, we will also be developing additional AI features of our own. Stay tuned for more generative AI capabilities down the road, including features to help you create and update templates more quickly and keep content fresh.

To learn more about Design Huddle, schedule a time to talk with us.

April 30, 2024