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Looka Builds Brand Kit on Design Huddle Platform


Looka is an AI-powered logo and brand-kit maker that provides business owners with a quick and affordable way to create a beautiful brand, including logos, social media assets, business card designs, and websites. After launching in 2016 with its logo-making capabilities, Looka aimed to expand its product offering to customers and provide them with an all-in-one branding solution.

They needed a technology partner that would allow them to easily leverage their existing customer brand data to programmatically create personalized marketing materials from templates and was infinitely scalable. It was no surprise that Looka quickly decided on Design Huddle as their partner of choice.

The Customer

Looka’s AI-powered design platform allows entrepreneurs to generate an unlimited number of logo designs in as little as 30 seconds and only pay for the designs they download. The company has generated approximately 200 million logos across its 5+ million customers spanning 200 countries, since its launch in 2016. Since the Covid-19-releated lockdowns, the company has seen a 21% increase in logo purchases year-over-year.

With the overwhelming success of their platform, they began looking for additional ways to empower entrepreneurs and diversify their product offerings to capitalize on the market opportunity. They decided to launch their all-in-one Brand Kit solution, which aimed to provide business owners with the kick-start their brand needed and position themselves as a branding solution, rather than simply a logo maker.

After a customer designs a logo with Looka, they have the option to subscribe to the Brand Kit, a complete marketing toolkit that includes over 300 design templates that are generated using the customer’s logo, brand colors, fonts, and photos. Design templates include social media posts, business cards, advertisements, posters and flyers, presentations, and more.

The Opportunity: Grow Product Offering To Include Other Design Types

Looka, formerly known as Logojoy, discovered that entrepreneurs were looking for a one-stop shop to get all the branding assets needed to launch their business - not just the initial logo. The company surveyed its website visitors from its four most significant markets and found that within a year of getting their logo, 51% of founders needed business cards, 30% needed a website, and a large majority of those had a budget of less than $500.

With Looka’s immense success in AI-powered logo creation, CEO and Co-founder of Looka, Dawson Whitfield, believed “we’re well-positioned to grow our product offerings to include the many types of design that entrepreneurs need throughout their business journey.”

The company knew that to scale its design operation, it needed to leverage its existing customer brand data and programmatically create personalized designs from templates. After researching a way to build the functionality in-house, they learned the scope of the project was extensive and would take years to accomplish. They needed to act on their Brand Kit idea quickly to reposition themselves as a branding solution, gain market share, and keep their existing customers interested.

Looka began researching a solution that met the following criteria:

  • Design templates that could be accessed and programmatically customized via API
  • Ability to render real-time design previews
  • Option to post finished designs to social media, download, or send to print
  • A scalable platform that could handle tens of thousands of users each month


    The Solution: Build The Brand Kit Using Design Huddle

After researching top design editing software available in the market, Looka quickly decided upon Design Huddle for its unique and powerful integration capabilities made possible by its robust API and JavaScript SDK. The Design Huddle platform was built on highly scalable infrastructure which gave the Looka team confidence in its ability to handle the high volume of design creation.

A big win for Looka was Design Huddle’s Creative Automation which powers the Brand Kit’s ability to quickly populate a multitude of design templates with the customers' brand assets including logos, fonts, and colors. Looka uses the Creative Automation Preview feature to first show the user all the possible templates pre-personalized and then the user can open any to further customize and download.

Since the launch of the Brand Kit in Q3 2020, Looka has generated roughly 20 million design previews across more than 100,000 users each month using the Design Huddle platform.

May 1, 2024