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How Digital Signage Tech Providers Are Delivering Customizable Designs


As a digital signage technology provider, you’re poised for rapid growth as more companies invest in the channel to boost brand awareness and increase sales. But you first need to address a massive challenge: to help those companies meet the increasing demand for customized content.

Your customers have limited resources to create and maintain content that’s fresh, on brand, and looks good on every screen, for every audience – which is why you’ve been forced into the content game. As you meet this growing need, there’s an opportunity to differentiate your offerings by upgrading your digital signage design and video editing experience for your customers.

Here’s how.

Design Huddle: embeddable, white-label design & video templating platform

You know what content works best for your customers – and providing them with digital signage design and video templates is the best way to add value and help your customers save time and money. 

However, most technology providers don’t have the resources to build customizable templates and an easy-to-use editor in-house. Or, if they try to build that capability, they quickly realize that it’s far more complicated than anticipated. 

That’s where Design Huddle comes in. 

Design Huddle offers an embeddable, white-label graphic design and video platform that allows you to turn digital signage designs and videos into templates, making it easy for your customers to customize content. Or you can leverage creative automation to scale up content creation. 

Let’s look at a few examples of how that works. 

Content customization made simple

Design Huddle’s templating software helps technology providers meet a range of customer needs. 

Empower users who are less media- and tech-savvy

Consider a high school that needs to customize content for a video display on its football field or in the basketball gym. They’re looking for basic animated content for every player on the team, but lack the media and tech expertise to create and customize that animation. 

You can use Design Huddle to turn design and animation files into templates, then any user can customize them from a simple-to-use editor. It’s a jumping-off point for any non-designer user. Even if they don't have any experience with motion graphics, they can edit the text and colors, swap out photos, and control the animation experience.

Design Huddle also makes it easy to manage content creation and ensure design integrity by adding placeholders for media and text while locking design elements such as color, placement, and font.


Blend licensed and custom content seamlessly

Design Huddle enables you and your customers to easily import licensed content – whether from stock media libraries within Design Huddle or any third-party library accessible via API – into customizable design and video templates. 

For example, if you’re providing licensed content like music videos or news feeds to retail storefronts, you can integrate Design Huddle to empower your customers to incorporate their own localized content alongside the licensed media. Another option would be providing them with placeholders in the design and video templates they can use for custom text while you populate a map of the store's location on the template.

Power creative automation

In some cases – like at airports, hospitals, universities, and the Vegas strip – your customers need to scale content to hundreds or even thousands of digital signs. In these cases where you need to show a high volume of similar content in different formats, Design Huddle helps you scale content creation with creative automation.

You can programmatically populate design templates with text, images, graphics, and colors and ensure they fit different aspect ratios and design requirements. It’s the same content but formatted differently for the various display screens.


Find the right implementation option 

For those technology providers who want to get started quickly, Design Huddle offers an out-of-the-box option. Your customers can log in to the white-label, branded design editor – complete with your logos, colors, and domain – and start customizing your content. 

You also have the option to embed Design Huddle’s design and video editor into your site or platform to make it feel proprietary and give your customers a seamless user experience.

Or, you can do a deeper integration to further customize and automate various workflows. For example, a Digital Signage CMS might integrate Design Huddle to power creative automation for their customers using data stored in their platform. 

Design Huddle and digital signage

White-label templating software is emerging as a great option for digital signage providers to streamline graphic design, video creation, and creative automation processes. By giving your customers the tools they need to deliver captivating content across various platforms, you’ll differentiate your services and be in a stronger position to win and retain customers. 

To learn more, listen to CEO Dave Stewart on the 16:9 Podcast, where he talks about how Design Huddle takes the grunt work out of motion graphic design.

For more information about Design Huddle’s solution for digital signage design, contact us.


April 27, 2024