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Design Huddle for Franchise Marketing: Design & Video Creation

Empower franchisees with self-serve content creation without jeopardizing brand integrity


As a franchisor, you’re focused on growing the business with new locations; but you also need to adequately support your existing locations – especially around franchise marketing. Whether you’re helping franchisees understand the importance of staying on brand or being inundated with custom design requests, you need a way to scale marketing to a diverse network of business owners. 

If left on their own, franchisees are more likely to deviate from brand guidelines and design standards. These rogue designs lead to a lack of consistency across locations, jeopardizing the integrity of your brand. 

Design Huddle can help. Our design and video platform uses templating to empower franchisees with self-serve content creation while also safeguarding brand consistency and integrity. 

The power of templates for franchise marketing

As a franchisor, you can use Design Huddle to provide your franchisees with brand-controlled digital, print, and video templates for them to customize. 

It’s a win-win. Franchisees are empowered to customize designs in a timely manner for their local market, without having to rely solely on corporate. And you uphold brand integrity across all locations.

Here’s how it works:

👉 Your designers (whether an internal team or an agency) import your designs and videos into Design Huddle as templates for franchisees to work with. Design Huddle makes it easy to lock down specific branding components (such as logos, color schemes, font, brand images / videos, etc.), but also offers users the flexibility to edit text, swap out images, and add localized content. 

👉 Franchisees can then use Design Huddle to customize the templates for any marketing materials – from social media posts, to promotional videos, to digital and print signage. The easy-to-use editor is a perfect fit for franchisees who often don't have prior design or marketing experience. 

👉 Once designs are finalized, the franchisee can send designs to be printed or share them digitally – directly from the platform. You can also leverage Design Huddle’s Approval Tool to review what users create before they can download, share, post, or print the final version. 


Using Design Huddle to scale franchise marketing

Design Huddle helps franchisors save time, scale marketing, and ensure brand integrity – all critical pieces of the puzzle in your efforts to increase brand awareness, attract customers, and support franchisee success. 

With Design Huddle, you can:

Save design teams time by importing their existing designs and videos into Design Huddle as templates for franchisees to personalize. This eliminates the need for design teams to localize content and frees them up for more creative work. 

Scale franchise marketing efforts with creative automation that streamlines the design process. You can programmatically populate design templates with common text and design elements such as franchise-specific location, hours of operation, contact information, and more across design and video templates and sizes.

Ensure brand integrity while empowering franchisees with on-brand digital, print, and video templates. Hosted brand assets, granular locking capabilities, and placeholders give users the freedom to customize content with guardrails. And with timely access to the most up-to-date resources – including images, logos, fonts, and colors, users are less likely to deviate from brand guidelines. 

Ready to streamline franchise marketing with customizable designs and videos? Contact us to see Design Huddle in action. 

May 15, 2024